Ederma Cream

Safe. Protective. Soothing.

Effective protection for mums who care!

Your baby’s skin is thin and delicate, and therefore more sensitive to external influences. This is especially true in the extremely sensitive area, exactly where the edge of the diaper is. Continuous skin exposure to moisture and dirt sets it at particular risk.

Ederma® cream provides a calming protective mantle to your baby’s delicate skin.

This prevents wounds and annoyance that urine, friction of the diaper with the skin and cleansing products can cause.

– Cool and soothes
– Quickly relieves irritation
– Styptic and antiseptic
– Extremely sticky
– Forms a protective mantle
– Eliminates moisture
– Anti-inflammatory
– Easy to implement
– Economical to use

From infant age to our senior years we use Ederma.