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Perspi-Shield® Disposable Sweat Pads are an effective, simple solution to stop embarrassing sweat stains on clothing. Perspi-Shield underarm sweat pads are worn directly on clothing and form a water proof barrier between underarm sweat and clothing. Our sweat pads are invisible and silent, so no one will know you are wearing underarm pads!

These shields or ‘sweat pads’ as they are often referred to as, are a fantastic product designed to prevent the visible signs of sweat appearing on your clothing. Not only do they stop embarrassing wet patches under your arms, but they also protect your clothes from the damage caused by antiperspirant stains.

Discreet, hygienic, comfortable and hypo-allergenic, this hard to find product has been featured on the BBC’s ‘What Not To Wear’ programme and described as an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe.

Simply apply the shields directly to your clothing, along the underarm seam of your garment, using the strong, self adhesive tape and that’s it! – Protected from the embarrassment of having sweat stains on your clothing!

Protects clothing from damage and staining. Prevents the visible signs of sweat on clothing.

Safe on all fabrics – even silk and fine woollens.

Non obtrusive, invisible and silent.

For Men And Women.

Great for use under shirts, blouses, dresses, uniforms, grey or light coloured clothing – the list is endless!

* Pharmacies only.

Suggested Price: €11.84