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Science & Beauty

The science behind our approach is always verified under controlled conditions. You can be sure that our products are formulated to achieve the results you expect.

We care – our research for your health.



Our assurance of the highest standards

The Merz Spezial range was developed by a team of scientific experts, and each of the products has been thoroughly investigated, using profound scientific tests. All Merz Spezial products have been subjected to strict quality controls, and special attention has been paid to ensure that the compositions have good tolerability.

The ingredients in all Merz Spezial products have been chosen to provide the relevant nutrients, in the correct proportions, to support natural biological processes.


Scientific proof

Merz Spezial products work with your body to create beautiful results. Here you can learn about the scientific principles behind our products:


Merz Spezial Warranty

Merz Spezial is the number one brand in the section of „beauty from within“ in Germany.*  The products of the Merz Spezial series were developed by the Merz Dermatological Research Department. The formulations have been tested for tolerability and were subject to strict quality controls.

*   Nielsen: OTC; Segment HCD Skin | Hair | Nails combinations; MAT May 2017