Special for night use while being especially suited for the treatment of scars in difficult-to-reach areas of the body.

Package: 21 patches 12Χ3cm

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Contractubex® is the world’s most popular scar treatment. It has been treating scars successfully for over 50 years, in over 60 countries. Among doctors, Contractubex® is acknowledged as a scar specialist and regularly recommended all around the world.

The Intensive Patch is an innovative method of delivery developed by the scar specialist Contractubex®.

The Contractubex® Intensive Patch is soft, adheres well and is ideally suited for convenient overnight use. It is applied to the scar tissue before going to bed and remains on the skin for between 6 and a maximum of 12 hours.

The innovative part: The two layers of the Intensive Patch have a dual mode of action – for optimal scar healing:

  1. Occlusion: A humid climate develops beneath the soft micro air-cushion that helps make the scar more elastic.
  2. Active release of ingredients: Embedded in the release layer are the active ingredients cepalin and allantoin. Once the patch is applied, the medically active ingredients are dispensed over a period of several hours.

A new Intensive Patch is used each evening. The Intensive Patch can be cut to the appropriate size when used for smaller scars.

The Contractubex® Intensive Patch for nighttime use is particularly suitable for treating scars on difficult-to-reach parts of the body, for cosmetic scars, e.g. following birthmark removal and for Caesarean section scars. Facial scars and those on other visible areas can also be gradually regenerated overnight and covered up with make-up the following morning.

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