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Beautiful, healthy skin

Give your skin what it needs

To keep your skin beautiful on the outside, you need to nurture it on the inside. Your skin may be constantly renewing and rejuvenating itself, but to continue to do this successfully, your body could do with a little helping hand. That´s where Merz Spezial Skin products come in, supplying your skin with everything it needs to stay healthy and elastic.

Merz Spezial Skin products

Skin Energy Beauty Capsules

Merz Spezial Skin Energy Beauty Capsules deliver a combination of essential nutrients for fully regenerated skin1

Hydro Glow Serum Intense

Unlock a new radiance with Hydro Glow Serum Intense. Experience an immediate hydration effect…

Skin Lift Energy Serum Intense

Transform your skin from fatigued to fabulous! Experience an immediate smooth effect…