Who are we

Cosmoherb is a Cypriot brand name established in 2020 from young people with the purpose of introducing to the market products which are solely based on herbs and natural ingredients following our local ancestors’ natural healing practices.

Our vision

Our vision is to bring people closer to nature through our products to prove that mother nature always has the solution, therefore positively impact the reduction in the usage of chemical products which oftentimes introduce significant side effects to the body. With tens of thousands of plant species on earth, we are endowed with an enormous wealth of medicinal remedies from Mother Nature

Our Products

Our products have been successfully laboratory tested and are based on herbs that have been scientifically proven for the purpose which are being used for so that we can offer safety and effectiveness. The combination of science and nature provides a unique end product.

More specifically our products are 100% natural Cypriot products which are scientifically proven, do not contain any chemical or conservative compounds and are ideal for all ages from infants to elderly.


Specifically formulated for sensitive and dehydrated skin…


A combination of powerful herbs, can be used as a warm-up…


Hydrating-body cream, specifically formulated for improving stretch marks and cellulite…


The rich content of flavonoids and antioxidants, provide a unique freshness…